My Story

Karren’s cookies began in October 2012. Karren’s Cookies being a growing labor of love, that people demanded more, so it became a business. She has never looked back. Not once.

Karren’s Cookies come from a kitchen of love. Karren is a single mom who enjoys baking cookies for her children and friends. Her network of loved ones inspire many of the recipes highlighted on the Fresh Baked Cookies menu.

Karren’s Cookies taste as if they were made especially for you because they are. Cookies are baked in small batches customized to order. There are no preservatives used, so it is reasonable to expect a short shelf life—not that you’ll have a chance to notice.

Each hand made batch is made in a fully licensed kitchen with a high standard of quality control. Karren bakes with only the freshest ingredients, love and great care.

Karren’s Cookies offer gluten free recipes and will customize recipes to suit all diets. Karren is working to improve several of her vegan recipes. While those recipes are being perfected, please feel free to email Karren your suggestions.

Phone Number

(224) 475-8349

Hours of Operation:

  • Sunday-Wednesday 11:00am-11:00pm
  • Thusday-Saturday 9:00am-1:00am